3/15/2012 Ms Sheila Hanson, a V.I.P. Customer here, e-mailed us to let us know how we’re doing:


I would like to express my great appreciation to central autosales the company and staff! I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful the salesmen were all the way to the girls inside in the offices so friendly and smiling,and there follow up calls! THATS WHAT MAKES A GOOD BUSSINESS A GOOD BUSSINESS! Roger was my salesman and he did everything in his power to try to get me the car I truly wanted. I would recommend this car lot to anyone of my friends or strangers , and i already have and she has bought a car there a week after i did! So a big thank you to central auto sales and alll there staff! SHEILA HANSON

7/13/2011 Ms Kenya Reed mailed us this letter after coming in to see us:

Dear Owner:

I want to put in writing about how GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE is in all departments at Central Auto Sales. Thanks to you and your staff, I have a great attitude about used car lots such as yours. You offer many perks such as V.I.P. Programs, warranty, etc. I called you, but wanted to take time to put this in writing. Good management starts at the top and goes from there. You have been such a blessing to me

Happy Customer,

Kenya M. Reed

2/12/2011 Mr. James Sanders sent us this email after leaving Central Auto Sales:

I want to give a big hats off to Greg. I came in last night and bought a 1990 Ford Ranger right as the store was closing and he was heading home. I had a bit of battery trouble on the way home (which I knew might be possible) Greg turned around on the highway from heading home to come give me a jump and make sure the truck was running again before he went home. There are VERY FEW SALES REPS I have encountered that would go that extra step for a customer after business hours and a hard days work, you have a great representative in Greg and I wanted to make sure you knew it.

11/11/11 Tina Johnson sent us this email on her experience:

I am enjoying my 2002 Dodge Intrepid. Michael is the best I put an app. in on that Friday, On Monday November 7th 2011. I was driving off in my new ride….THANKS Central Auto Sale…You all got me in a car that is reliable,,,,,Thanks for that……..Its getting COLD dnt need to be walking with 2 small childrens.. TELLING EVERY ONE I KNOW ABOUT YOU ALL…..

9/1/10 This was a Letter to the Editor in The Sentinal Record about one of our on-site Mechanics, Daniel Little:

By the same token, Bill Wiedmann of Hot Springs sends out a “Thumbs-Up” to Daniel Little. Wiedmann explained, “Recently, my neighbor called me to see if I could help him get his truck going. He was stranded in the Wal-Mart parking lot. His beloved 1970s Chevy truck wouldn’t start. Well, my neighboy is in his 70s and I’m getting close to it. I am not mechanic and although my neighbor used to be much more of one, his age has slowed him down in that respect. Anyway, after an hour or so of working in 100 degree heat, we decided to give up for the day. We picked up a new fuel pump, thinking that may have been the problem. and there we were the next day in the sun, trying to get this old truck going. At about 10:30 a.m., the heat was really beginning to bear down again. Along comes Daniel Little, a mechanic, to the rescue. He and his wife and children were doing some shopping at Wal-Mart on his day off. He came over to see if he could be of assistance. It took him no time to figure out the problem. He got us going and we didn’t even need a new fuel pump. Thanks, Daniel. and we thank your patient wife and children, who had to wait. It was a really kind act. Daniel was on his day off…with his family…dressed in clean clothes…in 100 degree heat…willing to get under the hood of this dirty, old, although cherished, truck. Selfless acts do the heart good.”

8/23/10 This is a Thank You Note we received from a new customer:

Simple words cannot express how much I appreciate the way you handled my situation on the car for me. Thank You and God Bless, Sharon Thompson.

7/23/10 This was a letter written by one of our new customers after we got her in a vehicle when she thought all hope was lost:

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to the employees I have worked with at Central Auto Sales over the past week. I have been helped by so many people concerning different matters and they have all gone above and beyond to help me.

I would like to say that I believe Greg (Sales Associate) is a huge asset to your company. I have bought at least 15 cars in my lifetime thus far from used or brand new car lots and he is by far the most genuine salesman that I have ever worked with. He is very polite and didn’t hassle me like most that I have dealt with in the past. He has worked very hard to make sure I was happy with trading in a Durango and getting a Solora. So my thanks go out to him in a major way.

I also would like to thank Tammy (Sales Manager), that helped me with more of the financial things when I decided I wasn’t comfortable with the pricing on my trade in and the overall price of the new car I was wanting to get. I was going to have to think about making a decision on trading in and she worke very had to make sre the numbers were some that I financially could deal with. So thank you Tammy.

I have also talked with Meghan (Account Manager) several times on the phone and she is very sweet and friendly and has helped to answer any questions that I have asked. I also came in to pick up paperwork a few days ago so that I can get my new car tagged and she was very helpful.

I had my car for several days before I had any problems and then my air compressor went out. I spoke with Greg about it and he was kind enough to let me bring the car back up to the lot for the mechanics to look at. Erich (Service Manager) came out in the pouring down rain to assist me and let me explain the problem and noises the car was making. He was very on top of making sure I was happy and ordered the parts to properly fix the car. I appreciated his efforts and help with taking care of the air in a timely manner.

I also work in Bismarck, and didn’t have a way to get to work today and that was a concern to me when I knew I was going to have to leave the car with the mechanics for a whole day. I know that giving out loaners is not something that is a normal protocol, but my salesman, Greg, made sure to help and work this out with me to have a loaner today. I really do appreciate Greg and he does such a great job. When I picked up the loaner this morning Brian was very helpful to put a tag on the loaner and also to make sure the air was blowing cool for me. So thank you Brian.

All in all, I would just like to say thank you to the staff at Central Auto Sales. Everyone has been great and helped me in so many different ways. I will definitely pass around the word how good you all are to work with and that I have had a great experience working with your company.

I look forward to doing business with you!!!


Mindy Wagner