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We Help You Repair Your Credit

We have credit repair specialists on-staff because we specialize in overcoming credit issues!

Earn $1000 & Get Your Car Paid Off!

"I brought my in my friends to become customers, I got all of this money and a free car!"

Testimonial Of The Month

"I was in need of a new car and I had bad credit. Central Auto Sales got in a car within an hour!"

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Call us at 501-520-4777 and ask for Brandon, or simply fill out a quick credit app on this site!... (Read More...)

What We See: This commercial isn’t for a car, but it’s about something you see in a lot of car ads these days: parallel parking without much driver input. We open on an unremarkable young woman talking to us from someplace in lower Manhattan. Over... (Read More...)

True success stories are hard to come by. You occasionally hear of such a mundane achievement as a perfect game in baseball, or a prizefighter going undefeated, but truly inspiring tales of accomplishment are few and far between. We therefore counted ourselves fortunate when just... (Read More...)
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