Can I trade my current car?

The answer is absolutely Yes! We offer very competitive trade values to customers whom are trading their current cars in. What is even better, we can take trade ins that are in perfect condition all the way to trade ins that have mechanical issues. No matter the condition, your trade likely still has value. Our friendly sales staff can help answer additional questions about your trade in and guide you through the process of shopping for a new to you certified used car.

Can you trade in a buy here pay here car?

What about the car you get from a buy here pay here. Can that be traded? The short answer is YES. Once you’ve purchased a car at a buy here pay here car lot, it’s yours. You can drive it forever or trade it, just like any car you would buy from a dealership. If you decide to trade it in on new wheels, the rules are pretty much the same as if you’d purchased the car from a traditional car dealership. div class=”row clear”>

Central Auto Sales is the #1 buy here pay here dealership in Arkansas.

We proudly serve Hot Springs, Little Rock and the surrounding areas. In fact, many of our customers drive from all parts of Arkansas because of our large inventory, great financing and the quality of our certified used cars, trucks, SUVs.